Are you prepared?

Human and natural disasters are happening more often than before...

It is happening now...

Don't wait until it is too late

Prepare today... survive tomorrow

It is just a matter of time

Has happened before

And it will happen again...



We are a US-based company lead by experienced veteran men created to offer solutions that may improve your chances of surviving the next global crisis. We care about your life and your family, so we have established this company to provide immediate solutions for temporal, emotional, economical and social preparation to be able to face unexpected crises caused by natural or human disasters, we provide you with the highest quality services and products in order for you and your family to survive in such situations.

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We have developed advanced solutions such as a powerful online store where you can find supplies and first-class survival food with all US shipping included, online webinars, a dedicated blog for news, vital information and very well explained techniques on how to survive the 98% of crisis situations. We are currently developing more and better solutions for you and your beloved ones.


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Get prepared in 3 easy steps
Follow this 3 easy steps to be prepare for at least the 90% of the critical situations that may risk you and your beloved ones.

Step 1 | Learn
Why you need to be prepared?
There are about 300 reasons why you should be prepared for an unexpected crisis situation such as nature disasters, economic crashes, political decision and crisis, martial law, war, unemployment, inflation, debts, etc. Take a minute to watch the video below and then we invite you to view our 20-minute presentation about what is happening and how we can help.

Step 2 | Prepare
Get enough supplies!
In any crisis situation the first resource that goes away is water and the next one, is food. There is no way to survive by drinking or eating gold. Get enough supplies for you and your beloved ones at the best price on market (Guaranteed).

Step 3 | Stay alert
Know what you need to know
Sign up for our weekly newsletter in order to be informed of all the important news concerning your security and the life of your beloved ones. We also invite you to read our latest articles in our survival blog.

25-year product on shelf warranty
The highest quality on survival products & emergency freeze-dried food. 

Best price on market – Guaranteed
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We want to help!
There can be no stronger reason to motivate us at Our Family Survival Center, than to bring you one of the most complete Family Survival Sources ever created on the web. Our mission is to make it possible for you to have everything you will ever need to sustain you and your family for an extended period of time. That’s why along with professionals in the subject we have developed an amazing solution for you to save not only your family but your money.